Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lap Booking

I been doing my nightly search for learning material and tools. I found a site on lap booking. Boy let me tell you my eyes glazed over from all the info I found on it. There is websites on top of websites on it. Teacher resource books on subjects. I thought I might write about what I found so far. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Materials needed (but unlimited to): -Color printer -Colored file folders -Crayons, color pencils, markers -Old Magazines/Photos/ Copy Materials/Lapbook sets -'Pocket' envelopes to slide mini-books into -Adhesives: 2-sided tape, packing tape, glue stick -Index cards -stickers -staple ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lap books are fun and can be done with almost any subject or curriculum. They are for any grades/ages. I will post some links below for some sites that offer lapbook templates and pages. They can be done for reports or projects. They can also be simple or detailed. It is all up to you and your children. I just ordered 5 books from A Journey Through Learning... LOVE THEM!!! Here is a site with videos on how to make them... Also this Lady is wonderful,friendly and very helpful. Kickbutt Crazy Lapbooks

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